Volleyball Danmark

Volley and Chill - Fælledparken

Dato og tid

Fredag d. 22. september 2017 kl. 14:00 til 19:00


Mandag d. 18. september 2017 kl. 12:00


Edel Sauntes Allé 19
2100 København Ø


Volleyball Danmark
+45 4326 2626

Welcome U is hosting the cosiest volleyballturnament in Fælledparken on the 22th of September.
Join the turnament, win some prizes, drink a beer and chill out in the lounge area with your friends.

The turnament is a 3 vs 3 turnament played on grass.

The turnament fee is 25kr pr person and the fee includes one free drink (beer, water or soda) at the venue.

All you need to do is to sign up your team with the name off your team in the field "Holdnavn" and then your are ready to play. 

If you are 4 people or more that wants to team up, then just ad extra players under "Tillægsydelser". A team can consist of as many players as you want, but there can be a maximum of three players at the court so other players will act as "substitutes".

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Volleyball Danmark
+45 4326 2626